Trix Indices

A Trix index consists of a pair of files that allow for fast lookup of free text associated with a list of identifiers. A Trix index is created from a single line oriented text file using the program ixIxx. Each line starts with an identifier, with the rest of the line being free text which is associated with the id. To complete the steps below you will need to download the ixIxx utility. For more information on downloading our command line utilities, please see these instructions.

To create a Trix index, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare a text file that associates your id's with free text:
    id1 this is text for id1
    id2 this is text for id2
    id3 this is text for id3
  2. Run the ixIxx program on your text file.
    ixIxx input.txt myTrix.ix myTrix.ixx
If you want to use your Trix index in a track hub, see the searchTrix setting in the Track Database Definition Document for more information.